Tiger blood

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Mar 222011

Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night during Jimmy’s interview with Mark Cuban. I’m beginning to believe he really is crazy — but in an entertaining sort of way. Watch…

P.S. I upgraded to Firefox 4 today. It’s different. A note to Entrecard members, though — the Entrecard toolbar is not (yet?) compatible.

WordPress users: Firefox 4 blends beautifully with WP 3.1.

  5 Responses to “Tiger blood”

  1. I have the toolbar and I use Firefox.

  2. Charlie Sheen really needs help though, he’s lost his job, iirc he’s lost custody of his kids–basically his world’s falling apart and he doesn’t seem to care. It’s nothing to laugh at any more, he’s a sick man. Hopefully someone among his family and friends can get through to him soon.

    They were talking about it on The View a few days ago and Barbara Walters flat out said he needs Lithium.

  3. @ Karen:
    Are you using the new version which was released yesterday, Firefox 4?

  4. I just recently heard about the new Firefox 4! Sounds like I won’t be updating to that one until Entrecard catches up with a compatible toolbar.

  5. @ Karen:
    Actually, I was mistaken. There is a new option in the View – Toolbars menu of Firefox 4 that says Tabs on Top. As long as you have this unchecked, the Entrecard toolbar will work just fine. So go ahead and upgrade to Firefox 4. I think you’ll like it. I sure do.

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