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Mar 212011

This graph has been making the rounds for the past few days. I just had to post it in case you have somehow missed it…


So… Which slice of the pie is your slice of the pie coming from?

The next time you hear some Tea Partier or Republican talking about “redistribution of wealth” or how school teachers or union workers are making too much money, I want you to think about this chart. Then ask them which slice of the pie is their slice of the pie coming from.

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  1. I think that graphic can be applied to every country, thus if we draw a graph for the global wealth distribution, the picture will look similar or even worse. And sadly I have to say it’s (almost) impossible to change that.

  2. Whenever I’m lookin at those catalogs at all that stuff for people who have way too much money I think who buys this stuff. who can afford this stuff. Not anyone I know!

  3. Such is the sad consequence of the current predatory capitalistic world order.
    The vast majority knows that it is not sustainable, but the human race is not yet ready for better system, I think.

  4. I agree with Con Artist Trickster in that the pie chart would apply to any country without much adjustment. I will even go further and suggest that the chart would apply throughout history for any civilization, with only a few exceptions. I am not sure that the chart would fit Soviet Russia, for example.

    You mentioned Tea Partiers and Republicans. The sad thing is that the vast majority of these are part of that 80% of the population scrabbling over that 7% of the wealth. Yet they are happy for the status quo to be maintained or even adjusted in favour of the rich. Perhaps they have the largely false hope that they can somehow get into that top 20%.

  5. The graph hits home in a visual way yet clearly doesn’t paint a big enough picture judging by the comments. Yes, it could be applied to many countries but America stands pretty much alone among the ‘liberal democracies’ with such extreme concentration of wealth. The fact is, even America hasn’t seen such concentration since before the great depression.

    The information is out there, you could just start with today’s NY Times –

    I’ve written a few posts on it as well, you could start with this one –

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