Zach is guest on Ellen

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Feb 172011

Remember Zach Wahls, the young man who spoke to the Iowa House of Representatives against a bill they were considering that would add an amendment to the state’s constitution making gay marriage illegal? He was a guest of Ellen DeGeneres on her show today. Watch the video…

I don’t know Mr. Wahls and yet even I am proud of him. His mothers must be doubly so.

(If you somehow missed it, you can watch the video of Zach’s appearance before the Iowa House by clicking on his name in the first paragraph above.)

Reagan and Reality

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Feb 152011

Bob Herbert has another must-read column in today’s New York Times: “Reagan and Reality.” All of you should read it; many of you need to read it.

Believe me, Ronald Wilson Reagan was not the hero that conservatives of today would have you believe he was. He wasn’t.


No less than other public figures, Reagan was complicated. He was neither the empty suit that his greatest detractors would have you believe nor the conservative god of his most slavish admirers. He was a tax-cutter who raised taxes in seven of the eight years of his presidency. He was a budget-cutter who nearly tripled the federal budget deficit…

What we get with Reagan are a series of disconnects and contradictions that have led us to a situation in which a president widely hailed as a hero of the working class set in motion policies that have been mind-bogglingly beneficial to the wealthy and devastating to working people and the poor.


Press Conference 02-15-11

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Feb 152011

President Obama preempted The Price is Right this morning to hold a press conference on the budget proposal he released yesterday. If you missed it, here’s the video…

A full transcript may be found here.

I found it interesting how quickly the Republicans came out against the President’s budget yesterday. They were on television condemning it within two minutes of its release. They sure are fast readers!

Also, I enjoyed our new, more aggressive press corps this morning. They were asking the tough questions that they should be asking. It would have been nice if they had acted this way with George W. Bush.

Weekly Address 02-12-11

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Feb 122011

“It’s Time Washington Acted as Responsibly as Our Families Do”

From the White House weblog:

The President previews his budget, explaining that it will help the government live within its means, while still investing to make sure America wins the future.

Click below to listen to the audio only:

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Transcript follows the break.

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Feb 112011

If you are a regular visitor, you know what to do. If this is your first visit, a word of explanation may be in order.

Each Friday at this time, we post what our editorial board (usually me) has determined to be the best and brightest of the political and editorial cartoons published during the week just ending. Click on any of the cartoons to view them full size. You may also view a slide show by utilizing the icons that should appear at the bottom of your browser window when you do click on one of the cartoons. People usually start at the first cartoon and work their way through. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to comment.

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As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

Mubarak is out

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Feb 112011

Hosni Mubarak has resigned as president of Egypt and the people are cheering their new military dictatorship. We live in strange times.

UPDATE: President Obama’s remarks on the goings on in Egypt…

The transcript of the President’s remarks follows the break.

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The O’Reilly Interview

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Feb 072011

Did you happen to catch Bill O’Reilly interviewing the President of the United States before the Super Bowl yesterday? The FOX News personality was given an opportunity to sit down in the White House with the President of the United States and he totally blew it. He was playing to his FOX News audience. He totally forgot that he had a worldwide audience and lots of people who normally would not be caught dead watching FOX News. He was loud, obnoxious and disrespectful – usual FOX News style. I have to give President Obama full credit for being able to sit there and calmly and intelligently answer the questions that were being thrown at him by this fool…

I mean, really. You have the opportunity to sit down the with most powerful person in the free world, the whole world is watching, and you ask him if he is bothered that so many people hate him? Really?!

If there were anybody with half a brain in the upper echelons of FOX News, Bill O’Reilly would be without employment this morning.

Ronnie’s 100th

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Feb 062011

If Ronald Reagan were alive today he would be 100 years old. It has been a lot of fun this past week reading the right wing blogs and pundits and listening to the right wing talking heads as they revised history and made Ronnie one of the greatest presidents of the twentieth century. The truth is he was one of, if not the, worst.

Thing Progress has “10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan.”

America would be a better place today if Ronnie Reagan had stuck with Death Valley Days.

Sorry to burst your bubble, my conservative friends, but it had to be done. Reality bites, doesn’t it?