Hear us now?

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Feb 282011

Republicans are always saying that they are listening to America. Can they hear us now?

Poll shows support for organized labor


As debate rages in Wisconsin and other states over limiting the power of unions, a new CBS News/New York Times survey finds that many Americans are siding with organized labor.

Fifty-six percent say they oppose cutting the pay or benefits of (largely unionized) public employees to reduce state budget deficits, while just 37 percent favor doing so. And 60 percent oppose eliminating some collective bargaining rights for public employee unions, while just one in three Americans supports that idea.

Meanwhile, a new poll by Public Policy Polling released today shows a serious case of buyer’s remorse in the state of Wisconsin itself. If the election for governor were held today, defeated Democratic nominee Tom Barrett would win over Republican Scott Walker by a margin of 52-45. The moral of that story? Be very careful of who you are voting for. You never know, they may win. It is sad that Wisconsinites have to learn their lesson the hard way.

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  1. Yes, indeed. There are more than a few other voters around the country who are probably regretting their “protest” vote for some single-issue or anti-everything candidate who won and is now just another stupid person with an important voice.

  2. A CBS/NYT survey says all that ?
    Well we all know how trustworthy they are, and by no means would they be slanted when it comes to an issue such as this.
    Good work Len, way to follow the herd.

  3. @ Rob:

    Also USA Today/Gallup.

    I really don’t believe you are one to be talking about following the herd, Rob. 😉

  4. The only herd I am concerned with is in a 35 acre field behind my house.
    I have read the stories of school districts in southern Wisconsin that have a student population of less than 200 children, a median income of $30,000 a year, and a school superitendant making more than 100k a year.
    Aside from what the poll says, we do know what was said when Walker was elected, and that was to change the way things were, that will of course bring out many that would speak out against him, and obvously sway polls, but it seems Walker is going to get it done.

  5. @ Rob:
    What level of education did this superintendent in southern Wisconsin of which you speak achieve? How does his salary compare with those of others with similar educations and in similar positions? What perks, if any, does he receive in addition to his salary? How do those perks compare?

    I doubt that Governor Walker will, as you say, “get it done.” You are definitely free to believe as you wish, though.

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