Reagan and Reality

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Feb 152011

Bob Herbert has another must-read column in today’s New York Times: “Reagan and Reality.” All of you should read it; many of you need to read it.

Believe me, Ronald Wilson Reagan was not the hero that conservatives of today would have you believe he was. He wasn’t.


No less than other public figures, Reagan was complicated. He was neither the empty suit that his greatest detractors would have you believe nor the conservative god of his most slavish admirers. He was a tax-cutter who raised taxes in seven of the eight years of his presidency. He was a budget-cutter who nearly tripled the federal budget deficit…

What we get with Reagan are a series of disconnects and contradictions that have led us to a situation in which a president widely hailed as a hero of the working class set in motion policies that have been mind-bogglingly beneficial to the wealthy and devastating to working people and the poor.


Press Conference 02-15-11

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Feb 152011

President Obama preempted The Price is Right this morning to hold a press conference on the budget proposal he released yesterday. If you missed it, here’s the video…

A full transcript may be found here.

I found it interesting how quickly the Republicans came out against the President’s budget yesterday. They were on television condemning it within two minutes of its release. They sure are fast readers!

Also, I enjoyed our new, more aggressive press corps this morning. They were asking the tough questions that they should be asking. It would have been nice if they had acted this way with George W. Bush.