Judicial Activism 101

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Jan 312011

In a blatant display of Republican judicial activism, a federal judge in Florida today ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. Actually, Roger Vinson (appointed to bench by Ronald Reagan) became the second Republican judge to rule that the clause in the law requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional. He went a bit further, however, and ruled that the entire law must be voided because of that one clause. Wow. Talk about legislating from the bench.

Needless to say, the White House was not impressed.

Republican activist judge Roger Vinson
Republican activist judge Roger Vinson


  3 Responses to “Judicial Activism 101”

  1. Republican Judicial Activism ?
    Really ?
    What part of the ruling did you not understand ?

  2. Oh silly person, don’t you know it’s only activism when the ruling is perceived to be part of a liberal agenda. When it falls in line with current Republican agendas it’s considered to be sound judicial actions.

  3. @ Rob:
    Thanks for the question. I read and understood all of Judge Vinson’s ruling. He pretty much followed the briefing submitted to him by the Tea Party folks. And he was wrong on so many counts. I don’t imagine it will take long for his ruling to be overturned.

    And, yes, he is a Republican. And, yes, what he did can only be called judicial activism.

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