Dec 292010

I call this one “Homeless.”


(Clicking on it makes it bigger.)

  7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday 12-29-10”

  1. Love Cats on Wordless Wednesday! Homeless! LOL!

  2. A few cats sitting comfortably on porch furniture is hardly homeless. The picture is cute, and there is nothing about homelessness involving people NOT animals that is cute. Worlds apart, the cold, fear and hunger that accompanies homelessness isn’t a photo op.

  3. Awesome photo! Sandy has to chill out. If those cats don’t belong to someone, they are in fact homeless…how comfy the chair is doesn’t matter.

  4. Those kitties look way too clean and well-fed to be homeless! In fact, it looks to me like they are plotting to sucker food out of the photographer.

  5. They look like they are waiting for dinner to be served lol 🙂

  6. Hehe….nice pic with cute cats which seem quite well-fed and at ease. Are they maybe waiting for New Year’s Eve dinner? lol.
    Happy New Year, btw!

  7. These cat-mobs are waiting for the night, when they’ll go wild: hunting, fighting, exploding… his picture is just a calm before the storm.

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