Winning the Class War

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Nov 272010

Saturday is usually Weekly Address day, but this week’s address was released on Thursday. Instead, we’ll give you Bob Herbert’s most recent column. He expounds upon the reasons I smile every time I hear someone complaining that the Affordable Care Act (or, as the Republicans call it, “Obamacare”) is the cause of the rise in their share of the cost of the health care being so generously provided by their corporate masters.

Winning the Class War

The class war that no one wants to talk about continues unabated.

Even as millions of out-of-work and otherwise struggling Americans are tightening their belts for the holidays, the nation’s elite are lacing up their dancing shoes and partying like royalty as the millions and billions keep rolling in.

Recessions are for the little people, not for the corporate chiefs and the titans of Wall Street who are at the heart of the American aristocracy. They have waged economic warfare against everybody else and are winning big time.

The ranks of the poor may be swelling and families forced out of their foreclosed homes may be enduring a nightmarish holiday season, but American companies have just experienced their most profitable quarter ever. As The Times reported this week, U.S. firms earned profits at an annual rate of $1.659 trillion in the third quarter — the highest total since the government began keeping track more than six decades ago.

The corporate fat cats are becoming alarmingly rotund. Their profits have surged over the past seven quarters at a pace that is among the fastest ever seen, and they can barely contain their glee. On the same day that The Times ran its article about the third-quarter surge in profits, it ran a piece on the front page that carried the headline: “With a Swagger, Wallets Out, Wall Street Dares to Celebrate.”

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  1. The exact same thing is happening here in the UK. The rich and super rich are laughing at the world, along with the politicians who are in their back pockets…

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