Dear Tea Party

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Nov 112010

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything from one of my most favorite columnists – Mark Monford of The San Francisco Chronicle.

(Uh-oh. San Francisco. Home of Nancy Pelosi, all those flaming libruls, the pesky world champion Giants and those little cable cars that climb halfway to the stars. My first job out of college was in San Francisco. Part of my heart is still there.)

Anyway… Mark’s column. He has a message for all you people who voted wrongly in the election just past.

To all of you who either flip-flopped your wishy-washy ideals and switched your vote from bluish to reddish this past election because Obama and the lukewarm Dems failed to solve all world problems in 700 days, or because you got yourself so emotionally riled up/mentally watered down by the sexy caveman grunts of the Tea Party that you actually bought the BS line about being “mad as hell” about nothing even remotely coherent.

Here is your grand message: You are hereby wonderfully, thoroughly screwed.

Oh darling, it’s so very true. The fun-filled news is, despite all the bluster and rhetoric, thinly veiled racism and rampant Islamophobia on display, the new army of jittery, anti-everything GOP bobbleheads that you just voted into office doesn’t care a single iota about you, or your haphazard values, or what you sometimes occasionally stand for. And what’s more, deep down, you secretly know it.

Are you slightly offended? Are you scowling and mistrustful of the notion? I’m delighted to hear it. Also: It doesn’t really matter.

You don’t have to believe me. Just wait until nothing at all is done to service the Tea Party non-agenda, because it’s ridiculous and impossible to service. Just wait until you note how there is no actual shrinking of government, no restoring some bogus sepia-toned idealism that never existed, no saving of your job. There is, of course, but one GOP agenda: furthering their personal stranglehold on all things powermad and avaricious.

Click here — “Dear Tea Party: You will now get yours” — to read the entire column. You should. Really.