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Nov 092010

Thankfully, George W. Bush has seen fit to stay out of the public eye since he departed Washington, D.C. in disgrace a little over twenty-one months ago. I think Matthew Norman of The Independent put it best when he ended his review of Mr. Bush’s book with this (you really should go read the entire review, especially if you have any inclination whatsoever of purchasing this book)…

The process of historical revisionism has, like everything else, speeded alarmingly in the internet age. The emergence of Sarah Palin as an imaginable presidential candidate, allied to the unending travails of Obama, have induced in the amnesiac, the obtuse and the plain bananas a fondness for the memory of George W Bush.

It will not spread. If this great reader of history is concerned for his place in it – and that, needless to say, is why he hired a bright young groupie from Yale to write this memoir in something approximating English – he needn’t fret. In those few lists ranking all the presidents compiled since he left office, W is invariably in the bottom five.

For the two imbecile wars he began, for condoning torture by denying waterboarding was torture at all on the grounds that his lawyers said it was legal; for turning the surplus he inherited from Bill Clinton into the crippling deficit that is bringing the age of American hegemony to a startlingly abrupt end; and for being the pitiably Wagnerian fool who stumbled on to the grandest stage without any apparent clue why or for what earthly purpose, there he will forever remain.

But he has a book to hawk now, so he is granting interviews to anybody desperate enough to grant him air time. Here he is telling Oprah Winfrey today that the worst moment in his presidency was when Kanye West called him a racist. Really?

I cannot believe that people are actually buying this crap. Well, actually, I can. They “elected” him twice, right?

Mr. Bush appeared at a book signing at a book store a few miles from our home this morning. It was scheduled to begin at 8:30 this morning. People were actually lining up outside the store at 6:00 yesterday evening. Un-fricking-believable.

The former president told Oprah today that he is done with politics. We should be grateful for small blessings, I guess.