Nov 032010

Compare and contrast the news conference that John Boehner (presumptive incoming Speaker of the House), Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader) and Haley Barbour (governor of Mississippi) held this morning to the one conducted by President Obama this afternoon (previous post). President Obama continues to cling to the belief that he will be able to work with the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans left little doubt that they believe they now have a mandate from the American people and promise no compromise. They expect the President and the Senate to do things their way as they are now the new leaders…

It’s going to be a long two years, folks. Fasten your seat belts.

Nov 032010

President Obama is holding a news conference to discuss the results of yesterday’s midterm elections. It is starting right now. Watch it live here. (Live event has finished.)

I could tell you what he’ll say, but why ruin the surprise?

This post will be updated with video and/or transcript when/if those become available.

UPDATE: The President continues to hold onto the belief that the Republicans will work with him. I admire his optimism and wish I could share it. Here’s the video of today’s news conference…

The transcript follows the break.

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