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Nov 012010





See: “The Top 10 Reasons I Have Decided Not To Vote Tomorrow.”

That’s all.

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  1. Here’s an interesting go vote vid.

  2. I totally agree with the first cartoon. I swiping it for both of my blogs.

  3. Awesome post! The Doonsbury strip you posted a couple days ago hits home too, that statistic about the Federal deficit QUADRUPLING under Reagan-Bush and then doubling again under Dubya–it makes the ‘pubs claims of “fiscal responsibility” look like the utter nonsense they are.

    If Charlie Baker gets into the Governor’s office here in MA we are in serious serious trouble…all his ads do is attack Deval Patrick for raising taxes while he’s been in office, but they make no mention of the fact that the investments made in education and health care have given us some of the best schools and hospitals in the country. Under Baker that would all disappear. (To be honest, every time I see him on TV I just want to slap him!)

    Did anyone see The View yesterday? Elizabeth Hasselbeck said at one point that all the negative ads make her want to turn Democrat! Poor thing, she’s the lone young Republican on a panel of middle aged Democrats. I feel bad for her sometimes, but then again she is kind of on the wrong side, so to speak.

  4. nice… hope everyone who reads this vote… The “then-now” cartoon is so real anywhere in the world 🙁

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