Oct 272010

First, I want to share with you a political ad currently being run in Texas by our Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst. It is typical of the kind of negativity and fear being marketed by Republicans all over the country.

See what I mean? Very short on detail (to the point where detail is nonexistent), but very long on the negativity and fear.

I just want to briefly address the last thing he mentions in this masterpiece. The Affordable Health Care for America Act. (Notice, though, that Republicans never refer to the new health care law by its real name. They prefer to call it “Obamacare.” Helps with the whole negativity and fear thing. If big bad Obama wants it, it’s gotta be bad, right?)

Second, I want to share the following graphic. It shows when key parts of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (“Obamacare”) take effect. I would ask Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst to step in here and tell us exactly which parts of this new law he objects to and why. Is it the part that allows people who previously could not get insurance due to pre-existing conditions to now get insurance? Perhaps its the part the prevents the insurance companies from canceling your coverage when you get sick? Maybe he’s in favor of lifetime caps on coverage? Or is he simply opposed to people having health insurance coverage who do not currently enjoy that coverage?

Anyway, here’s the graphic. Pass it around. A little truth never hurt anyone. (You can click on it to make it bigger.)


“Destroy health care as we know it?” We can only hope, Mr. Lieutenant Governor. We can only hope.

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  1. To be honest, today’s Republicans disgust me. Whatever happened to people like Lincoln and Roosevelt? They’d be horrified to see what their party has become, I’m sure. Nowadays it seems like the ‘pubs just want to tear the country apart. It’s very sad.

    Everyone get out and VOTE!

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