Oct 232010

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi add their voices to the “It Gets Better” campaign…


  2 Responses to “Clinton and Pelosi: It Gets Better”

  1. Can anyone provide a link to Sarah Palin’s or John Boehner’s or Jim DeMint’s videos? Thanks.

  2. Somehow I doubt any of them are doing one…if I remember right one of the Tea Party’s main points is “LGBT is bad and people who identify themselves as such should be punished”. I think there was one TP candidate who was advocating putting LGBT people into Nazi-style concentration camps.

    I think I’m going to head over to YouTube and see if there are any videos of “regular people” posting things like this…I’m thinking about doing one, I’m not doing all that great myself but I was teased as a kid too. My kids and I all have varying degrees of developmental disabilities so we know what it’s like to be “different”.

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