Oct 222010

TGIF, huh?

If you’re in a state that offers early voting, have you voted yet? Or if you’re in Washington state, have you mailed your ballot yet? We voted today. You’re welcome.

Here are this weeks cartoons. You know the drill. Just click on one to make it bigger or to start a slide show. Enjoy.

anderson102010.jpg   bennett102010.jpg   bennett102210.jpg

billday102010.jpg   branch102010.jpg   branch102110.jpg

cohen102110.jpg   englehart101910.jpg   englehart102010.jpg

greenberg101910.jpg   heller101910.jpg   horsey102110.jpg

judge102110.jpg   keefe101910.jpg   kelley102010.jpg

margulies102010.jpg   margulies102210.jpg   pett102110.jpg

pett102210.jpg   rogers101910.jpg   rogers102010.jpg

rogers102110.jpg   stein102010.jpg   zyglis101610.jpg

englehart102110.jpg   lowe102310.jpg   rose102310.jpg


As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

  5 Responses to “Friday Night Cartoons 10-22-10”

  1. I swiped 2 of these “toons for a future posting

  2. I love these!! As the month of October is Gay and Lesbian History month, most of my posts are related to these issues including DADT. Thank you for sharing these. I may also “swipe” them. 🙂

  3. I think my favorite was the second one. Why do all these people who complain about “tax and spend liberals” not understand that it’s our taxes that pay for public services? There was a study a while back that looked at which country in the world had the happiest people and what their living circumstances were–I think it was Sweden or Switzerland, not sure I’d have to look it up. Great health care, no problems with public safety (police, fire, etc) or infrastructure, all schooling is free through the college level. Know what their tax rate is? SIXTY TWO PERCENT! When asked if it bothered them that their taxes were so high responses tended to be things like “of course not! Our taxes are the reason why we have all these wonderful things”.

    The founding fathers railed against “taxation without representation”, not “high taxes”.

    Did you hear that NPR is investigating the firing of Juan Williams because of all the right wing radicals complaining about it? I saw that on the news this morning, I was like, WHAAAAAT??? The RWR’s aren’t part of NPR’s listener base, I don’t understand why they don’t just ignore them.

  4. @ Ruth:
    There is something that the Republicans learned long ago and that the Democrats have yet to realize — the crying baby gets most of the attention.

    The Democrats try to appeal to people with logic and common sense. The Republicans scream, holler, complain and just generally make a lot of noise. Which do you think is going to garner the most attention and publicity?

  5. Ah ha–the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” modus operandi…I think I knew that already, I think I just have a hard time believing that these people think it’s OK to do things that will (and HAVE) tear this country apart. Someone once said society is judged by the way we treat our most vulnerable citizens, I have a feeling that history will judge the Repugs and the Tea Party VERY harshly…

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