Oct 012010

I apologize for being absent for most of this week. I return just in time to bring you this week’s edition of Friday Night Cartoons. (Hint: Do not ever go in for a routine annual visit with your cardiologist and tell him you have been experiencing chest pains. You will go directly from his office to the hospital, where you will spend the next three days undergoing various and sundry excruciating tests and procedures. Not an enjoyable experience.)

Click and enjoy.

bagley092710.jpg   bagley093010.jpg   bennett092810.jpg

bennett100110.jpg   billday092710.jpg   billday093010.jpg

cole093010.jpg   darkow092710.jpg   darkow093010.jpg

englehart092710.jpg   fitzsimmons092810.jpg   greenberg092810.jpg

heller093010.jpg   horsey092810.jpg   judge092910.jpg

keefe093010.jpg   lowe100110.jpg   margulies092710.jpg

matson093010.jpg   plante093010.jpg   sack093010.jpg

streeter092810.jpg   toles100110.gif   zyglis092710.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.