Brewer’s meltdown

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Sep 022010

Jan Brewer became governor of the state of Arizona when Janet Napolitano resigned to accept the position of Secretary of Homeland Security in the administration of President Barack Obama. She had previously served as Secretary of State. She is now running for her own term as governor under the banner of the Republican Tea Party.

Arizona held a gubernatorial debate last night. Ms. Brewer’s performance in that debate was, to say the least, extremely painful to watch. It seems inconceivable that this woman is now leading her Democratic opponent in the polls by something like 20 points. In the event that you have not yet seen these videos (they have already been posted all over the internets), please take a moment now to watch them. I think you’ll be as amazed as I am that Ms. Brewer is even considered a serious candidate.

First, her disastrous opening statement (it’s as if she herself can hardly believe what she is saying)…

Then there was her refusal to renounce her earlier statement about beheadings in the Arizona desert

Our Republicans really are a lot of fun, aren’t they?

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  1. Oh, they’re a great deal of fun until they win and start trying to actually run things. Then once they’re replaced, they cry about how the Dems haven’t cleaned up their mess fast enough.

  2. I am a bit confused by your posting about Jan Brewer? Were you saying she was a “Republican,” “Tea Partyier,” or “Republican-Teapartier?” She herself claims to be a Republican, but I am open to your opinion – once I can [honestly] nail it down.

    What I do factually know is, that “The Tea Party” itself doesn’t have any firmly established party platform or publicly endorsed candidates as such – since it is merely a growing grassroots movement still evolving its own internal ideals. Just because many of them are inclined towards voting Republican out of a false sense of Conservative loyalty to an Anti-Conservative Party – which has propagandistically twisted around that entire philosophical concept – doesn’t frankly mean much at the moment….

    They are still growing and maturing politically and most of them haven’t even kept up with the issues, or even voted in decades prior to forming this new movement. A certain amount of time will be required for them to dig through all of the ongoing political deceptions involved. However, still others are actually progressing quite nicely!

    As for a “Republican-Tea Party” I haven’t really heard of it. Must be just an Arizona phenomenon if it truly exists. Are you sure that you aren’t just lumping two parties together to try to tarnish the reputation of a fast growing movement of True Conservatives and True Liberals?

    You see, in their most basic form, True Conservatives and True Liberals hold the very same things dear: The Constitution, Individual Freedom, Personal Sovereignty, and Private Property. While the Anti-Conservative Republicans and Anti-Liberal Democrats value none of the above.

  3. @ The Real American:
    Your naivete is refreshing.

  4. I don’t think it’s naivete, Len. I think it’s willful ignorance or an attempt at culpable deniability.

    I found this frightening/hilarious, like far too much of the ultra-conservative world.

  5. Jan Brewer had me jaw-dropping when I saw this on the news. Can anyone possibly be this ill-prepared? Doesn’t she have People?

  6. @ Len:

    There is nothing naive about America’s Founding Principles and Ideals, or the people – such as myself – who fully comprehend them. Unlike the majority of modern Americans, we know the meanings of: Conservatism, Liberalism, Capitalism, Private Property, Charity, and a vast number of archaic [but still valuable and highly needed] terms. To believe that the term Tea Party and Republican are in anywise interchangeable is naive, and eventually both mainstream parties will grow to understand this as well.

    To those of us who value the nation America once was, and yet can still be, the self-serving elitists in both parties are repugnant… and yet, there are certain elements within our ranks that are seeking to pull us backwards into their political folds – for they perceive the very real threat, once we can speak fully and loudly our inerrant Real American message.

    Like every movement that has ever occurred, there are many involved who don’t ideologically and rightly belong there… there are: infiltrators, manipulators, and sabateurs from both mainstream parties… and there are many who – like sheep – will follow any charismatic shepherd. However, we also possess our own growing leadership of increasingly capable American pedigree. More importantly, our rapidly growing membership is predominantly of The Middle Class – people who know what it is to struggle under the jackbooted heels of the elitist ruling classes, of both major parties.

    Say what you will… in the end, you won’t be able to ignore us forever – particularly, as your Social-Fascist Policies continue to make a bad situation inherently worse for everyone.

  7. @ The Real American:
    Oh, I’m not ignoring you, The Real American. On the contrary, I find you quite entertaining. Just don’t forget to get your cape dry cleaned this week. Need a coupon?

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