Brewer’s meltdown

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Sep 022010

Jan Brewer became governor of the state of Arizona when Janet Napolitano resigned to accept the position of Secretary of Homeland Security in the administration of President Barack Obama. She had previously served as Secretary of State. She is now running for her own term as governor under the banner of the Republican Tea Party.

Arizona held a gubernatorial debate last night. Ms. Brewer’s performance in that debate was, to say the least, extremely painful to watch. It seems inconceivable that this woman is now leading her Democratic opponent in the polls by something like 20 points. In the event that you have not yet seen these videos (they have already been posted all over the internets), please take a moment now to watch them. I think you’ll be as amazed as I am that Ms. Brewer is even considered a serious candidate.

First, her disastrous opening statement (it’s as if she herself can hardly believe what she is saying)…

Then there was her refusal to renounce her earlier statement about beheadings in the Arizona desert

Our Republicans really are a lot of fun, aren’t they?