The New Orleans interview

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Aug 292010

President Obama spent the day in New Orleans marking the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. While there, he granted a lengthy interview to NBC’s Brian Williams. A number of topics were discussed (Katrina, BP, the economy, rumors about his religion and nationality, Glenn Beck, Iraq, the proposed Islamic community center in Manhattan and more). Watch the entire interview:

Transcript here.

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  1. I thought Brian Williams’ interview was fine. There is a quadrant of people in this country who will continue to believe that Obama is not a citizen and is not a Muslim jihadist. Even if he had proof “tattooed on his butt,” as I read someplace last week, those people would still make the choice to believe the worst. It is a person like Glenn Beck who stirs the pot of frenzy and whips people with emotional manipulation.

  2. @ askcherlock:
    In no way do I condone Glenn Beck, but you have to remember what it is he does for a living. He’s an entertainer, just like Rush Limbaugh. He is paid to say the things he says. The more outrageous and incendiary the things he says are, the bigger his paycheck becomes. I am not completely convinced that the man is stupid enough to actually believe 99% of what he says.

    Glenn Beck is laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. thanks for having this available. I missed it! {:-D

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