President in Dallas

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Aug 092010

President Barack Obama is in Dallas right now. At the moment he is attending a fund-raising dinner at the Highland Park home of attorney Russell Budd. Tickets for the dinner were just a bit out of my price range… $10,000 to $100,000… so I am not attending.

Earlier this afternoon, the President was in Austin where he attended a DNC fund-raising luncheon at the Four Seasons hotel and also spoke with students and faculty at the University of Texas about the importance of higher education. Upon landing in Austin, he was greeted by Governor Rick Perry (who never misses an opportunity for a photo-op)…


Bill White, the Democrat who is currently campaigning to replace Perry, was nowhere to be seen. He had “previous commitments” (he is spending the day stumping in Midland, Abilene and Cleburne). The President reportedly was not insulted by his absence.

To me, it is a testament to the greatness of our President that he was: A) able to stomach being in the presence of, and even touching, Rick Perry (who has called him a socialist and criticized everything he has done or attempted to do); and B) able to not be slighted in the least by what was obviously intended to be a slight by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White.

Air Force One departs Dallas, August 9, 2010
Air Force One departs Dallas, August 9, 2010


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