Aug 022010

I would like to direct your attention to a couple of articles this morning. The first just demonstrates once again something of which we are all aware — that John McCain is a very bitter old man. He is still extremely upset that a man named Barack Obama beat him in the election for the presidency of the United States, a post to which he felt he was entitled.

Read “McCain holds up vote on Obama intel chief pick.”

Note that the nominee that Johnny is blocking was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee with a vote of 15-0. Every Democrat and every Republican on that committee approved of this man’s appointment, yet that is not good enough for our Johnny. He still has to throw his tantrum.

Than there is the business of Republican obstructionism in general.

Read “Judicial Confirmation Rates Have Nosedived in the Obama Presidency.”


Our Republicans really are operating under the delusion that if they do everything they can to prevent President Obama from governing effectively, it will prompt the American people to place them in power once again. In reality, all it is doing to proving what obstructionist boobs they are. We are still trying to recover from the last time the Republicans ruled the land. Hopefully, we are not dumb enough to put them back in the saddle again. (Though at this point in time I am not betting one way or the other.)