Supreme hearings day two

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Jun 302010

I made time today to watch a portion of the second day of a bunch of half-senile old white men badgering the person who is almost certain to become the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

I was, I have to say, a little disappointed. Not in the half-senile old white men. They performed exactly as expected. I was a little disappointed in the nominee herself, Elena Kagan. She seemed to be pandering to the half-senile old white men, striving mightily to say what she thought they wanted to hear. There were a lot of “ums” and “ahs” and “I don’t knows.” She appeared fearful to identify herself as liberal or progressive (if indeed she is either of those… I have seen no proof as yet that she actually is).

I found myself silently screaming at the television (I could not literally scream as there were others in the room) while Senator Grassley was questioning her about the ill conceived and poorly named Defense of Marriage Act. She should have answered him truthfully, stating that it was a bad law and should never had been passed by Congress or signed by President Clinton. She should have patiently and clearly explained to Mr. Grassley that DOMA was (and is) unconstitutional and would have been immediately struck down by a Supreme Court not driven by ideology.

Elena Kagan will be the next Supreme Court Justice. From what I have seen of her thus far, I don’t think she will be the Justice the Democrats are hoping she will be.

As much as I dislike and consistently disagree with Lindsey Graham, I think he got it right today:

“I certainly have an agenda when it comes to abortion. I respect the courts, but I’m trying to push the rights of the unborn in a respectful way. You can be pro-choice and be just as patriotic as I am; you can be just as religious as anybody I know. But that’s the point here: it is okay as an advocate to have an agenda. I think Alito and Roberts had an agenda. They were working for a conservative president who was pushing conservative policies. So it just is a bit disturbing that you, quite frankly, say you don’t have an agenda when you should have had. If I’m going to hire you to be my lawyer, I want you to have my agenda. I want it to be my agenda.”

There is nothing wrong with Ms. Kagan having an agenda. She should have an agenda and she should have the courage to own up to that agenda. Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia have certainly made no secret of their agenda.

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