Jun 242010

Once again, the Republicans have proven they are not on your side…

Senate again rejects expanded spending package

Senate Democrats abandoned on Thursday efforts to provide fresh aid to cash-strapped state governments and extend emergency unemployment benefits for millions of jobless workers, leaving in limbo President Obama’s push for more spending to bolster the economy.

The decision came after the Senate failed again to muster 60 votes to advance a package of tax cuts and emergency economic provisions. Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) joined a united Republican caucus in voting to block the measure, citing concern that even the latest slimmed-down version would expand bloated budget deficits. The package fell short, 57 to 41.

Something simply must be done about the way things are done in the United States Senate. In a democracy, the majority rules. I’ve tried every high school math trick I was ever taught, and there is simply no way I can turn 41 into a majority of 98. 57 yes; 41 no.

The White House Press Secretary issued this statement:

Statement by the Press Secretary on Republican Obstruction of Jobless Benefits and State Aid

Today, Republicans in the Senate for the second time blocked a bill that includes critical aid for states and American families. This legislation extends benefits for Americans looking for work and would save the jobs of thousands of teachers, firefighters and police officers by providing relief to states struggling with budget shortfalls. And it includes tax cuts for businesses that keep research and development jobs here in the United States. By blocking an up or down vote on this legislation, Republicans in the Senate obstructed a common-sense package that would save jobs, extend tax cuts for businesses and provide relief for American families who have suffered through the worst economic downfall since the Great Depression, even after Democrats offered multiple compromises to gain Republican support for the bill. The President has been clear: Americans should not fall victim to Republican obstruction at a time of great economic challenge for our nation’s families. The President will continue to press Congress to pass this bill and bring this relief that’s critical to our economic recovery.


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  1. I think it’s time for all the states who have republican senators (lower case intentional) to recall them and hold new elections. After all, isn’t that what’s supposed to be done when politicians don’t do what’s necessary to serve their constituents? Here in MA there are already ads running on TV telling Scott Brown we don’t like what he’s doing, and he’s only been in office four months!

    IMO tea partyers should be barred from running for office on grounds of insanity. Based on the statements of the ones we’ve seen so far they are completely nuts. Very unlikely it’ll ever happen though.

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