Every child

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Jun 082010

President Obama gave the commencement address at Kalamazoo Central High School, Kalamazoo, Michigan on June 7, 2010:

I do not remember who the commencement speaker was at my high school graduation (admittedly a long, long time ago). I doubt these kids will ever forget.

Transcript is available at this link.

Kicking butt

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Jun 082010

President Obama was interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show this morning. He got the pundits all excited when he said he wanted to “kick some ass” over the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. He also said that if BP CEO Tony Hayward would have been fired by now if he were working for him. Watch the interview below. Our president is not known for showing his emotions, but he got kind of emotional (probably as emotional as I have seen him)…

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I’ve never been overly impressed by Matt Lauer. He is not the best interviewer in the world. He did not ask any questions during this interview that have not been asked and answered several times over the course of the past few weeks. Still, though, this interview is good viewing for those who may need to play catch up.