The damage is done

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May 252010

Whatever happens from here on out is just political noise. The Gulf of Mexico will not be fixed in our lifetime.


The damage is done.

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  1. I am afraid that you are all too painfully right about that.

  2. yes i agree wt u on this and other countries maybe possiblly affected too

  3. This just makes me so sad.

  4. Sad but true. I wish the talking heads would just shut up and say this one solemn statement.

  5. Unfortunately it seems to be so. Even more unfortuanate it seems it never was fixable, no matter what they try. They never had appropriate technology to deal with a leak this deep in the water. Nobody was willing to say it. I live in Florida, and we are already hurting in this state, now we just need a big hurricane to push it all in further. Ugh it makes me want to cry.

  6. Sick, sick, sick…..There’s a yearly cruise I’ve been going on the last few years with a group of online friends. I don’t think we’re going to be doing any more Caribbean or Atlantic Mexican routes any time soon. 🙁 Very sad, I would have loved to go back to Honduras and Costa Rica. FWIH it’s not only the Gulf, most of the Caribbean and Central and northern South America is in danger too.

    Personally I think BP should be made to pay not only fines to the US government but also restitution to any affected country for their lost tourism or fishing industry income. I wonder how many billions of dollars (trillions, even?) that would be.

  7. We had a spill in the early 90s that prevented us from going to the beach for a few years. Now, fixed. Valdez, same thing.
    Yes, these are smaller than the current one, no doubt.
    I think they’ll get there. It’ll just take a long while.

  8. Supposedly now they’re pumping drilling fluid (“mud”) into the pipe and if that blocks the oil they’ll follow that with a cement plug. Fingers crossed that it works this time, but what I want to know is, why the heck didn’t they try that first?? FWIH the reason the blowout happened in the first place was, in part, the mud being removed (dumb decision by BP over the objections of TransOcean) and the original cement plugs not holding (due to the removal of the mud). Wouldn’t the sensible thing to do have been to try to reestablish the original mud/plug setup?

    Then again, BP isn’t exactly known for doing the right thing…IIRC before the Deepwater Horizon blowout they had already been found liable and paid fines for at least four previous incidents. I’ve seen several comments on other sites suggesting they should be shut down. I mean, how many more people have to die? 🙁

  9. What sucks the most is that you are absolutely right.

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