May 212010

From Meet the Press guest list for May 23, 2010:

This Sunday, Meet the Press is the only place to see both of Tuesday’s big primary winners. A major Tea Party victory in Kentucky gives Washington outsider Rand Paul the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate but some of his positions are already creating a controversy. He joins us exclusively for his only Sunday morning interview.

Not so fast…

Paul Backs Out Of Meet The Press Appearance

At the end of a rocky week, newly chosen Senate nominee Rand Paul (R-KY) has canceled a planned interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” citing exhaustion. It’s only the third cancellation from a major guest in 62 years, the show’s Executive Producer Betsy Fischer said in an interview this afternoon.

“It is a big deal when somebody cancels an appearance,” she said. …

She said the only other cancellations from major guests were Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in 1996 and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar on May 18, 2003.

He’s been the Republican nominee for three whole days now and is already pleading exhaustion. What’s he going to do if he actually (by some outside miracle) gets the job for which he is ostensibly running?

I think Crooks and Liars has a pretty good handle on this whole situation…

In the end, Paul’s meltdown is indicative of a novice candidate suddenly thrust onto the national stage and shown to be wildly unprepared. Somewhat reminiscent of a former Vice-Presidential candidate.

Yep, the Republicans definitely have another Sarah Palin on their hands. Seems to be about as good as they can do these days.


(This is going to be fun.)

Do not be surprised if the only national public appearances made by Rand Paul between now and November are on the FOX News Channel.