May 202010

Watch as the Republican party’s newest candidate for United States Senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky, explains to Rachel Maddow why he believes it should be legal for private businesses in the United States to discriminate on the basis of race (among other things)…

The man is definitely a Republican.

The truly sad part of this whole thing is that what he says is really going to resonate with the people of the southern United States, who are, after all, the people he is running to represent. And he knows it. As do his handlers.

Are white sheets and pointed hats coming back into style?

UPDATE: Folks, it looks like we have a Sarah Palin clone here. Mr. Rand is now blaming his ignorance, bigotry and stupidity on “liberal media attacks” and “wild, dishonest smears.” I kid you not. You can check it out on his website.

  2 Responses to “Rand Paul on civil rights”

  1. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, every time she tried to get him to answer a question he just kept waffling on about the history of the Civil Rights movement. It’s a Yes or No question Mr Paul! Do you support discrimination in private business or not? @@

    These Tea Party people are really scary.

  2. I actually was planning on a post on this man tomorrow. I am still going to do it because I think Republicans need to decide if they want to be known as the party of racism? How he can say he is not a racist is beyond me. Maybe he doesn’t know the definition. So sad people still think this way. He says he is for smaller government, and government shouldn’t control private business, really is that really what he means? I think not.

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