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May 052010

I apologize for not posting anything yesterday. There was a lot we could have talked about. I just got a little busy.

We could have talked about the bumbling Times Square bomber. We caught him; he confessed. We’ll probably still spend a few million dollars putting on trial anyway. What’s the point? He said he did it. Take him at his word and lock him in a cell with the Christmas Day underwear bomber. They should get along tremendously. The Republicans, of course, are all up in arms and screaming because we almost let him “escape.” Yep, we let him sit on an airplane for a couple of minutes. Dang near got away from us, he did. A lot of them are also upset because we read him his Miranda rights. Never mind that he is a United States citizen, we should have just shipped him straight to the Dick Cheney Institute of Torture of been done with him. Right, guys? Even Joe Loserman Lieberman is now saying that anyone accused of terrorism should be stripped of their citizenship rights. Why stop with those guys? Why not pedophiles, murderers, jaywalkers or people who run red lights while talking on their cell phones?

Where does the idiocy stop?

It sure didn’t stop with George W. Bush’s FEMA Director, Mr. Michael D. Brown. You may remember him as “Heck of a Job Brownie,” the guy who was instrumental in the Bush administration’s blowing of the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. He went on Fox News to tell the righties that the oil spill in the Gulf was all planned and staged by the Obama administration so they could exploit it for political advantage. What’s really funny is that nobody at Fox News bothered to challenge his lunacy. You wouldn’t expect them to, though, would you?

Then there’s Mr. Machismo himself… the great governor of the great state of Texas, Rick “Goodhair” Perry. You remember him. He’s the guy who used a laser pointed pistol to kill a coyote a week or two ago. (Sarah Palin must be so proud.) He says the British Petroleum oil rig explosion and subsequent gushing of oil into the Gulf of Mexico were an “act of God” and there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it so we should just keep on drilling like nothing happened. There has been talk amongst the tea baggers of this genius running for national office in 2012. What say, Republicans? Palin/Perry in ’12? Now that would be fun! (Almost as much fun as Romney/Huckabee or Limbaugh/Beck.)

All of this stuff happened. I kid you not. You can Google or Bing it if you don’t believe me.

On to Wednesday. What bits of joy and delight will this day bring? I guess we shall see.

P.S. Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Arizona.