GOP madness

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Mar 222010

The bitterness and hatred displayed today by the Republicans over last night’s passage of health care reform in the United States came as no surprise. It has been on open display since the election of President Barack Obama. NBC’s Nightly News did a segment tonight that you should watch if you missed it…

The Republicans will not rest until they have destroyed the United States of America. They were well on pace to do so during the Bush years. They planned on continuing with McCain/Palin. Barack Obama came along and interrupted their program. They are now intent upon destroying President Obama. It makes little difference to them who gets in the way. In fact, in their view, the more Americans they can crush along the way, the better. Republicans hate America and they hate Americans. It really is that simple.

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  1. I saw a clip from Limbaugh’s show on the news tonight in which he said, “We need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out.” And then there was the death threat against the President on Twitter. I am more and more convinced that Republicans are a dangerous lot.

  2. I am a Republican, which is because I agree with some of their “moral” conservative views. However, I mostly vote with the Democrates. I’m actually more independent in the way I vote. As a whole those in power are a dangerous lot, but not all Republicans are.

    I’ve been absolutely amazed at how this bill has been handled by some of the media and by ther Republicans…such unprofessional behavior especially by the legislature. Death threats and the race card…we really haven’t come as far as we like to think.

  3. My blood runs cold, I have chills up and down my spine when I see and hear such awful un-American, racist statements. Any Rep. leader who does not come out and put an end to this hatred should be ashamed of themselves and their party. It’s one thing to disagree; but this reminds me of when White Men dressed in sheets and proclaimed to be so superior. Horrible, horrible on many many levels.

    The radio should not air someone as stupid and as openly racial and violent …to allow someone to say we need to wipe them out insites riots. I remember the riots in Detroit, the fires and destruction in St. Louis and other cities around the country. Enough people.

    I believe everyone who claims to be a Republican should speak up and say this is wrong, this is shameful and if they don’t; aren’t they like those that pretended not to see when people were gassed in Germany?


  4. Scary, these people.
    This really reminds me of our dark past: the nazi movement.
    I am happy that we left THAT behind us.

  5. Amazing how far that trickle down philosophy of the Old Rummy has come to unleash the flood of well-armed morons who pose as patriots and heroes. My guess is we’ve been tracking down and rounding up the wrong terrorists.

    There was an interesting post at the daily best this morning. Did you see it and cringe? I thought I was the antichrist. 🙂

  6. And don’t forget that the townhall screamers last summer were simply egged on by grassley, palin and the rest who were helping spread lies to confuse our less intelligent folks.

    I don’t understand how anyone gives republicans an ounce of credibility.

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