GOP madness

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Mar 222010

The bitterness and hatred displayed today by the Republicans over last night’s passage of health care reform in the United States came as no surprise. It has been on open display since the election of President Barack Obama. NBC’s Nightly News did a segment tonight that you should watch if you missed it…

The Republicans will not rest until they have destroyed the United States of America. They were well on pace to do so during the Bush years. They planned on continuing with McCain/Palin. Barack Obama came along and interrupted their program. They are now intent upon destroying President Obama. It makes little difference to them who gets in the way. In fact, in their view, the more Americans they can crush along the way, the better. Republicans hate America and they hate Americans. It really is that simple.


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Mar 222010

As you know, the Democrats in the House of Representatives finally passed health care reform in the United States last night. It was a long time coming and long overdue. Of course, the Republicans did everything they could to block this historic legislation, complaining and whining late into the night. So late, in fact, that I finally had to give up and retire for the night before President Obama was able to deliver his congratulatory message to the American people. If you missed it like I did, here it is:

Transcript follows the break.

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