You may be a wingnut

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Feb 232010

As you may be aware, Rick “Goodhair” Perry and Kay Bailey “Bush Lackey” Hutchison are engaged in a battle here in Texas for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Perry is the likely winner. He’s really got the Tea Party nuts excited down here. (Sarah Palin has even come down to campaign for him.)

I wanted to share with you Perry’s latest television ad just to give you an idea of what we are putting up with in the Lone Star State. Do you remember those old “You may be a redneck if” jokes? Well, you may be wingnut if you like what Governor Goodhair has to say in this ad of his…

Translation: “There’s a black guy in the White House and we just ain’t gonna put up with that nonsense.”

Where was this doofus while George W. Bush and his minions were really destroying the Constitution? They were really quiet then, weren’t they?

P.S. If you watch this video, please refrain from throwing any hard objects at your computer monitor. Neither I nor this website will be liable for any resulting damages.

P.P.S. This video is not a joke. It is an actual television ad currently being run in Texas by the Perry campaign. It really is.