Feb 202010

I must apologize. I usually post the Friday Night Cartoons at 5 p.m. CT each Friday. However, with all that was going on yesterday… the sore loser Russian figure skater dude (if he weren’t Russian, I’d swear he was a Republican), Tiger Woods, the climate changing and all… the day kind of got away. Here it is Saturday already. Oh, well, better late than never, they say. Click and enjoy.

bagley021710.jpg   bagley021810.jpg   bartholomew021710.jpg

beeler021910.jpg   bennett021610.jpg   bennett021710.jpg

branch021710.jpg   cohen021710.jpg   cole022010.jpg

darkow021710.gif   englehart021510.jpg   englehart021710.jpg

fitzsimmons021510.jpg   fitzsimmons021910.jpg   heller021710.jpg

judge021410.jpg   judge021710.jpg   lester021710.jpg

morin021810.jpg   luckovich022010.gif   markstein021710.jpg

matson021510.jpg   matson021710.jpg   mikescott021610.jpg

plante021610.jpg   rogers021710.jpg   sack021510.jpg

sack021810.jpg   sack022010.jpg   sherffius021710.jpg

stein021610.jpg   wilkinson021810.jpg   wolverton101510.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

  2 Responses to “Friday Night Cartoons 02-19-10”

  1. Something just dawned on me. Are you gay? I don’t ask that in a condescending way, I’m being serious. I’ve just never heard a guy use an “I was late because of figure skating” excuse before.

    That having been said, it’s easy to tell he isn’t a Republican, and I didn’t even catch what happened. I just saw you said he lost, and Republicans haven’t done that in awhile. But then again, isn’t that what the leftists are crying about?

  2. Something just dawned on me.


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