Feb 162010

From MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show

Why are the Republicans not embarrassed? Is it just that they are not intelligent enough to realize that they should be?

(You may have to ‘X’ the ad to get the video to start playing.)

  2 Responses to “Why are they not embarrassed?”

  1. And explain to me again why anyone wastes time registering to vote? Do we get a place in heaven for doing stupid shit over and over?

  2. As someone who detests the Democratic Party slightly less than the Republican Party, I can’t help pointing out that there are major flaws in her criticism of ‘hypocrisy.’ In her determination to deride all that hypocrisy, she apparently didn’t even consider the fact that one can, in fact, be opposed to a bill and yet support some elements of that bill. That actually happens all the time, with the amazing amount of political compromising and pork barreling. You might praise the invention of a cure for cancer, but you wouldn’t take that cure if you realized the only way to get it would start world war III.
    The other problem with her analysis is that it completely ignores the temporal aspect to many of these “two-faced” approaches. In five or six months, bills can change tremendously. She made it seem like the switches were sudden, but if you actually look at the dates on the footage, they were from months ago.
    All this said, I agree that most of these politicians are utter scumbags. I just think they should be attacked for the countless legitimate problems, and I think the attacks deserve to be non-partisan. Her approach ignores the hypocrisy rampant in the Democratic party.

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