Johnny & Sarah done

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Feb 152010

Stick a fork in them, they’re done. There is no more hope for either Johnny McCain or Sarah Palin. Joe the Plumber has bailed…

Joe the Plumber goes off on McCain, says he ‘screwed up my life’

Joe the Plumber
Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber is no longer a fan of either Sarah Palin or John McCain, it seems.

Joe, also known as Sam Wurzelbacher, told an audience in Pennsylvania this week that McCain “is no public servant.”

“McCain was trying to use me,” Wurzelbacher said, according to public radio correspondent Scott Detrow. “I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”

“I don’t owe him s—,” Wurzelbacher continued. “He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

In fact, Wurzelbacher’s dislike for McCain is so strong that he no longer supports Sarah Palin simply because Palin will campaign for McCain’s re-election.

As for Obama: “I think his ideology is un-American, but he’s one of the more honest politicians. At least he told us what he wanted to do.”

What is amazing to me is that this idiot did not realize from the beginning that he was being played.

  3 Responses to “Johnny & Sarah done”

  1. Joe the plumber is the idiot of the first order. Then again maybe he was expecting some kind of gratuity for his wel publicized support that never came through lol.

  2. Ofcourse he didn’t realise he was used.
    He adored those two.

    He just answers to the average follower of McCain and Palin.

  3. Campaign 2008 certainly brought out the loons.

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