Climate change changed

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Feb 112010

I stepped out into our back yard a few moments ago. I took a ruler and a flashlight with me. Why a ruler and a flashlight? Because some strange looking white stuff fell out of the sky for most of the day today. We live in Dallas, Texas. We usually don’t see strange looking white stuff falling out of the sky. We sure did today. I stuck my ruler into the strange looking white stuff and shone my flashlight on the ruler. Because it’s dark out there at this hour. The strange looking (and very cold, by the way) white stuff covered up just over six inches of my ruler. It snowed over six inches in our back yard in Dallas, Texas today! I’m telling you, folks, this is nothing short of cataclysmic. Something must be done about this. Now. Right now. Al Gore must be called to account.

Oh, and it has also snowed twice in Washington, D.C. and environs this week. According to the geniuses at Fox News and most right wing bloggers these events thoroughly disprove the science of climate change (they prefer to call it global warming, but same thing). How is it possible that the globe upon which we dwell is warming if it snows in February? (Where are all these geniuses going to be when the thermometer in our back yard in Dallas, Texas hits a hundred and ten in the middle of July?)

Stephen Colbert expounds:

And why are they having to truck snow into Canada for the Winter Olympics? Wow. Somebody sure messed up on that one, huh?

UPDATE: Official measurement at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport – 12.3 inches. We set a record.