Jan 292010

In Wednesday’s State of the Union Address, President Obama reminded us that “just saying no to everything may be good short-term politics, but it’s not leadership.” As Dana Milbank of The Washington Post tells us, the GOP issued their response the following day…

On Thursday, Republicans sent their answer.

The Senate took a vote on extending the federal debt ceiling — without which the United States would go into default. All 40 Republicans voted no.

The Senate took a vote on requiring Congress not to pass legislation that it can’t pay for. All 40 Republicans voted no.

The Senate took a final vote on passing the overall plan. Thirty-nine Republicans voted no. The 40th, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), skipped the vote.

The state of the union is . . . unchanged.

You can read his entire column here.



  One Response to “The Republican Response”

  1. This passage needs to be stamped on every piece of Democratic campaign material for the next 3 elections. What clearer evidence is there that the Republicans are content to let the country go to hell, as long as they can keep the Democrats from claiming success for anything?

    Can’t extend the debt ceiling, can’t resolve to pay as we go. What, exactly are the alternatives?

    Oops, they have no idea. Their platform does not extend any further than Oppose Obama.

    And we’re supposed to give the keys to the country back to THEM?

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