Republican retreat

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Jan 292010

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are holding a ‘retreat’ in Baltimore, Maryland. President Obama met with them today. He spoke for a bit and then took questions for over an hour. It was compelling television (for those of use who are into such things).

Transcript here.

Enjoy. I sure did. (Never pick a fight with a law professor.)

All of us, then, have a choice to make. We have to choose whether we’re going to be politicians first or partners for progress, whether we’re going to put success at the polls ahead of the lasting success we can achieve together for America. Just think about it for a while. We don’t have to put it up for a vote today. Let me close by saying this: I was not elected by Democrats or Republicans, but by the American people. That’s especially true because the fastest-growing group of Americans are independents. That should tell us both something. I’m ready and eager to work with anyone who is willing to proceed in the spirit of goodwill. But understand, if we can’t break free from partisan gridlock, if we can’t move past the politics of no, if resistance supplants constructive debate, I still have to meet my responsibilities as president. I’ve got to act for the greater good, because that, too, is a commitment that I have made. And that, too, is what the American people sent me to Washington to do.


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  1. Republicans are retreating? I don’t see any white flags. Can I run over them?

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