Now their fault

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Jan 192010

With the apparent victory of Tea Partier and nude model Scott Brown in Massachusetts this evening, the Republicans have retaken control of the United States Senate (with 41 of 100 votes… hardly seems right, does it?). Anything that goes wrong from this point forward… such as the country going to Hell… will be due to the obstructionism of the Republicans and not the ineptitude of the Democrats.

This is indeed a good night for the Democrats! The Republicans now have from now until the midterm elections in November to prove just how badly they can once again screw up the nation. (Thank you, Massachusetts.)

UPDATE: The Village Voice nails it: “Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate.”

The lesson, as always, is that when Democrats win, they lose, and when they lose, they are obliterated.

I seem to remember that we held an election way back in November of 2008. I cannot help but wonder why that one didn’t matter as much as this one seems to.