I like Craig Ferguson

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Jan 162010

Craig Ferguson is the host of CBS’ Late Late Show. In my opinion he is by far the most entertaining, talented and intelligent of the late night talk show hosts. (And we had to import him from Scotland.)

This video shows part of his monologue, broadcast January 14, 2009. In it, he addresses the current situation in Haiti and the stupid remark recently made by The Leader of the Republican Party with regard to that disaster.

If you can manage to stay awake until 12:35 a.m. (11:35 p.m. Central), you could probably find a worse use of your time than watching Mr. Ferguson.

You’re welcome.

Weekly Address 01-16-09

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Jan 162010

From the White House weblog:

In this week’s address, President Barack Obama proposed a fee on major financial firms to recoup – on behalf of American taxpayers – the $700 billion paid out in TARP, saying “we want the taxpayers’ money back, and we’re going to collect every dime.” The President’s proposal will only affect the largest financial institutions with the most debt, so it will not only help recover the TARP funds and reduce the deficit, but also crack down on some of the banking practices that led to the financial crisis.

Click below to listen to the audio only:

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The transcript of the president’s weekly address, as prepared for delivery, is available after the break.

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