Jan 082010

Here’s the second batch of Friday Night Cartoons for twenty-ten. Click and enjoy.

bagley010410.jpg   bagley010510.jpg   berge010610.jpg

billday010610.jpg   breen010610.jpg   cam010610.jpg

darkow010510.gif   englehart010510.jpg   harville010710.jpg

kelley010710.jpg   luckovich010610.gif   margulies010710.gif

morin010810.jpg   ramsey010510.jpg   rogers010710.jpg

stahler010610.jpg   wilkinson010710.jpg   wolverton010410.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

Speaking Tea Bag

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Jan 082010

Mark Fiore is an extremely talented political cartoonists who currently lives in (gasp!) San Francisco. (The city that gave us Nancy Pelosi… thank you very much.) He is currently receiving death threats from some members of the Tea Bag Party (aka extremist conservatives) because of this cartoon:

Keep it up, Mark. Anybody who can disturb an already disturbed Tea Bagger is alright with me!