Sep 302009

Yesterday, Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) stood up in the House of Representatives and accurately described the Republican health care plan:

The Republicans immediately called on Rep. Grayson to apologize. Somehow, having their health care plan so accurately portrayed and so publicly displayed hurt their feelings. They likened Rep. Grayson’s remarks to Joe Wilson (R-SC) screaming out “You lie!” during a presidential address to a joint session of Congress. In their view, it is perfectly acceptable for Sarah Palin (and other Republicans) to claim that President Obama and the Democrats want to establish death panels or for Michelle Bachmann (and other Republicans) to claim that President Obama and the Republicans want to put conservatives in detention camps. Those things are fine (though blatantly and demonstrably false). But to have a Democrat (who was properly recognized and given time to speak on the floor of the House, unlike Mr. Wilson) stand up and truthfully describe their health care plan somehow warrants an apology.

Our Republicans are getting crazier by the day. They really are. It’s starting to get more than just a little scary.

Rep. Grayson did apologize today, though I am not sure it was exactly the apology the Republicans were hoping for…

The audio in that video is not the best. In case you didn’t catch it, here is Mr. Grayson’s apology:

Last night here in this chamber I gave a speech. I’m not going to recount every single thing that I said, but I will point out that immediately after that speech, several Republicans asked me to apologize.

Well, I would like to apologize. I would like to apologize to the dead. And here’s why.

According to this study, “Health Insurance and Mortality in U.S. Adults” which was published two weeks ago, 44,789 Americans die every year because they have no health insurance. That’s right, 44,789 Americans die every year, according to this Harvard study called “Health Insurance and Mortality in U.S. Adults.” You can see it by going to our website,

That is more than ten times the number of Americans who have died in the war in Iraq. It’s more than ten times the number of Americans who died in 9/11. But that was just once: this is every single year.

That’s right: every single year.

Take a look at this. Read it and weep. And I mean that – read it and weep because of all these Americans who are dying because they don’t have health insurance.

Now I think we should do something about that, and the Democratic healthcare plan does do something about that. It makes healthcare affordable for those who can’t afford insurance, and it saves these peoples’ lives.

Let’s remember that we should care about people even after they’re born.

So I call upon the Democratic members of the House, I call upon the Republican members of the House, I call upon all of us to do our jobs for the sake of America – for the sake of those dying people and their families.

I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America.

Thank you, Representative Grayson! (And shame, shame on you, Republicans.)

Going Rogue

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Sep 302009

It seems that Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and former Republican vice presidential candidate, has completed her book. It’s entitled “Going Rogue: An American Life.” (According to Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, rogue means 1) vagrant, tramp; 2) a dishonest or worthless person; 3) a mischievous person; 4) a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave; or 5) an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation.) Could they possibly have come up with a more perfect title?

The printed version of the book (actually written by an unknown author named Lynn Vincent) is scheduled for release on November 17, but most of Sarah’s fans will have to wait a while since the recorded version will not be out until the end of December.

David Letterman (of CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman) somehow got his hands on an advance copy. Here, according to him, is the cover:


For you pervs who may require a closer look:


Todd is kinda hot, isn’t he? Check out that six pack.

If you’re in the mood for some low-level reading and off-beat comedy, you may want to pick up Mrs. Palin’s book. However, I’d suggest you wait a week or two after its release when it will be on the dollar bargain table. At 400 pages (really? 400 pages of “wink” and “you betcha?”), it’ll make a nice doorstop.

UPDATE 10/01/09: Here is the actual cover of Mrs. Palin’s book…


What’s she looking at? Russia?

I think I prefer the Letterman version.

P.S. Amazing, isn’t it, what a little airbrushing can accomplish?

Sarah Palin - September, 2009
Sarah Palin - September, 2009


Family Day 2009

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Sep 282009

– – – – – – –


Our family provides one of the strongest influences on our lives. American families from every walk of life have taught us time and again that children raised in loving, caring homes have the ability to reject negative behaviors and reach their highest potential. Whether children are raised by two parents, a single parent, grandparents, a same-sex couple, or a guardian, families encourage us to do our best and enable us to accomplish great things. Today, our children are confronting issues of drug and alcohol use with astonishing regularity. On Family Day, we honor the dedication of parents, commend the achievements of their children, and celebrate the contributions our Nation’s families have made to combat substance abuse among young people.

The 21st century presents families with unprecedented challenges. Millions of women and men are struggling to balance the demands of their jobs with the needs of their families. At the same time, our youngest generation faces countless distractions in their social environment. They are coming of age in a world where electronic devices have replaced the playground, televisions have preempted conversation, and pressure to use drug and alcohol is far too prevalent. Parents bear significant stress and burdens to protect their children from harmful influences.

It is our responsibility to talk with adolescents about the risks of abusing alcohol, tobacco, or prescription and illicit drugs, and other harmful behaviors. These substances can destroy the mind, body, and spirit of a child, jeopardizing their health and limiting their potential. Active parents, voicing their disapproval of drug use, have proven themselves to be the most effective preventative method for keeping our children drug-free. A strong and engaged family can make all the difference in helping young people make healthy decisions.

By coming together as a family and discussing the events of the day, parents can foster open communication, share joys and concerns, and help guide their children toward healthy decisionmaking. A strong nation is made up of strong families, and on this Family Day, we rededicate ourselves to ensuring that every American family has the chance to build a better, healthier future for themselves and their children.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim September 28, 2009, as Family Day. I call upon the people of the United States to join together in observing this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities to honor and strengthen our Nation’s families.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-eighth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fourth.


The emphasis on that sentence in the first paragraph is mine. Read it carefully.

The Obama Song

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Sep 272009

Last February, seven months ago, a group of elementary school children in New Jersey made up a song to celebrate our first African-American president during Black History month. Their song is just now coming to the attention of the right wing extremists in the United States and they are vociferously objecting. I am not in the least bit surprised that they would object. If you read the lyrics of the song these children made up, you will quickly realize that they go completely against everything our right wing friends stand for…


Here is the video the righties are passing around:

I think the kids did a helluva job.

I don’t understand how our children being taught patriotism and respect for our president is a bad thing. I just don’t.

Weekly Address 09-26-09

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Sep 262009

From the White House weblog:

Recorded literally on his way back from the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, the President uses his Weekly Address to recap the progress made during the intensive discussions with world leaders. From an historic agreement to reform the global financial system, to groundbreaking commitments on reducing subsidies to fossil fuels worldwide, to unity in standing against threats to world peace — engagement produced tangible results in several areas.

Watch the video of the President’s address below or read the full text, as prepared for delivery, after the break.

Click below to listen to the audio only:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Right wing lunacy

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Sep 252009

It is amazing to me that I now live in a country where anyone — anyone — actually takes people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Bachmann seriously. Obviously, though, some do…

(Video courtesy of Right Wing Watch.)

Witness: Census worker’s hanging body naked, bound

Bill Sparkman
Bill Sparkman

BIG CREEK, Ky. — A part-time census worker found hanging in a rural Kentucky cemetery was naked, gagged and had his hands and feet bound with duct tape, said an Ohio man who discovered the body two weeks ago.

Jerry Weaver of Fairfield, Ohio, told The Associated Press on Friday that he was among a group of relatives who discovered the body of 51-year-old Bill Sparkman on Sept. 12.

“The only thing he had on was a pair of socks,” Weaver said. “And they had duct-taped his hands, his wrists. He had duct tape over his eyes, and they gagged him with a red rag or something.

“And they even had duct tape around his neck. And they had like his identification tag on his neck. They had it duct-taped to the side of his neck, on the right side, almost on his right shoulder.”

Weaver said he couldn’t tell if the tag was a Census Bureau I.D. He said he didn’t get close enough to read it.

State police Capt. Lisa Rudzinski would not confirm Weaver’s description of the crime scene. Two people briefed on the investigation said various details of Weaver’s account matched the details of the crime scene, though both people said they were not informed who found the body. The two spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case.

Both of the people briefed on the investigation said, for instance, that a Census identification badge, which Census workers are instructed to wear when they go on door to door work, was found taped to his head and shoulder area…

Weaver said the body was about 50 yards from a 2003 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck. He said Sparkman’s clothes were in the bed of the truck.

“His tailgate was down,” Weaver said. “I thought he could have been killed somewhere else and brought there and hanged up for display, or they actually could have killed him right there. It was a bad, bad scene.”


Rush for tests

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Sep 242009

This report from our local evening news tonight is nothing if not sad…

Patients Rush for Tests Before Losing Insurance

People worried about future layoffs are packing North Texas doctors offices to get tests done while they still have health insurance.

Dr. Jane Sadler, of Baylor Garland, said she is seeing more patients who want have screenings before they lose their insurance.

“So in some ways, it can be really good in preventative care,” she said.

Take Katie Hoody, for example, who is undergoing extensive tests.

“I just wanted to have everything checked out to be sure that I was in good health before going off of the insurance,” the healthy 33-year-old said.

Cindy Brown, of North Texas Vascular and Vericose Veins, said varicose vein treatments are also in high demand.

“People are coming in going, ‘I don’t want to get to this point, but my insurance runs out in three months, six months, two months,” she said.

But doctors say there can be a downside to such screenings. Anything caught in the screenings will count as a pre-existing condition and could affect the price or eligibility of future health insurance.

Fortunately, none of this will be an issue after President Obama signs his health care reform plan into law. People will not have to worry about losing their insurance and it will be illegal for insurance companies to deny you coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

Please contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know that you want health care reform now. Your family, friends and neighbors will thank you. We’ve waited long enough.

Letterman 09-21-09

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Sep 222009

Did you catch President Obama on Letterman last night? It was quite a far-reaching interview, covering everything from the First Daughters to heart-shaped potatoes to the economy, health care, Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are a few minutes from the show, courtesy of Worldwide Pants…

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

I hope you were able to watch.

UPDATE: Full video available on White House website.