Mar 312009

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Now is the time

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Mar 312009

If you’ve been thinking about replacing that pile of junk sitting out there in the driveway, now just may be the time. You see, odds are that you are going to lose your job sometime in the not too distant future (that is, if you are lucky enough to still have one). So why not get yourself a new set of wheels and let the car company shoulder the payments? It seems that Ford and GM are following the lead of South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company and offering to make your car payments for you should you find yourself standing in the unemployment line (which, again, you most likely will)…

Ford, GM to cover car payments if buyer loses job

DETROIT (AP) – Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. are offering payment protection plans to help reassure consumers who may be putting off buying a new car because of worries about losing their job.

The offers come as auto sales have been battered by the recession and tight credit, reaching their lowest levels in 27 years.

Ford said Tuesday it will cover payments of up to $700 each month for up to a year on any new Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle if consumers lose their jobs. The program runs until June 1.

Hours later, GM said it will make a similar offer. GM’s new CEO, Fritz Henderson, said the company will make up to nine car payments of $500 each for customers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Customers must qualify for state unemployment to be eligible for the program. The program starts April 1 and runs until April 30.

Hyundai Motor Co. launched a program in January that allows buyers to return a vehicle within a year if they can’t make the payments due to a job loss or disability.

It looks like Ford is offering the best bet. (Plus, as far as we know, Ford is not on the verge of bankruptcy.) They’ve got you covered for up to $8,400. So go ahead and get yourself that new Mustang you’ve been hankering for. You know you want to… and besides, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood (to say nothing of the big boost you’ll be giving the economy).


Go for it!

Mar 302009

President Obama announced this morning that his administration is withholding further federal aid from General Motors and Chrysler until they can prove that they can continue to exist as viable businesses on their own. He said the companies have not yet done enough to demonstrate that they will be able to do that. At the same time, he assured the American people that the automobile industry in the United States will not be allowed to just fade away. He also announced that the federal government is preparing to offer several incentives to get Americans to buy more U.S.-made cars and that the government is willing to warrant new automobiles purchased from American manufacturers…

The complete text of the President’s statement may be read following the break.

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Weekly Address 03-28-09

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Mar 282009

In this address to the nation this week, President Obama addresses the people of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota as they face down disastrous flooding. He speaks of what the government is doing, but also stresses that times of crisis like this are reminders of the need and opportunity Americans have to keep their dedication to service.

Watch the video of the President’s address below or read the full text, as prepared for delivery, after the break.

Click below to listen to the audio only:

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Mar 272009

It’s Friday evening again already. Time flies when you’ve got competent people running things, doesn’t it? (I see you nodding your head.) Here’s this week’s installment of Friday Night Cartoons. You know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, please ask the person sitting to your left. Enjoy…

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As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

Weekend additions:

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Online town hall meeting

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Mar 262009

President Obama conducted the first ever online town hall meeting at the White House this morning. He answered questions about jobs, the economy, health care, education… and the legalization of marijuana. While he did not say he would be opposed to legalizing the drug, he did say that he does not think it would be a good way to grow the economy…

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I hope to add a transcript and/or video of the event as it/they become available. Meanwhile, did you watch? What did you think? Should he do more of these?

UPDATE: Full transcript available here.

UPDATE #2: Full video:


Second press conference

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Mar 242009

President Obama held his second prime time press conference this evening. I personally think he did quite well considering the press corps that he had to work with. Here is but one example…

I do not believe the members of the White House press corps have quite adjusted yet to having an intelligent and articulate man behind the podium. They are still acting and thinking at George W. Bush’s level. Most if not all of what President Obama had to say tonight went right over their heads. Some of their questions were just plain silly if not downright stupid. (I am really amazed that Chip Reid is even still employed.) You really had to admire the patience that the President displayed. I am sure there were several moments when he just wanted to turn around and walk out of the room. Had it been me, I probably would have.

I’ll try to have a complete transcript and possibly video of the evening’s proceedings when and if they become available.

UPDATE: Transcript available here.

UPDATE #2: Here is video of the entire press conference: