Oct 242008

It’s Friday again. Just one more Friday after this one before Election Day. You are planning on voting, aren’t you?

Here is this week’s compilation of the best and brightest (in your humble editor’s opinion) political and editorial cartoons published during the week just passed. Click on them to make them bigger or to start a slide slow. Standard disclaimer applies: Your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

anderson102108.jpg   bagley102308.jpg   beattie102008.gif

beeler102108.jpg   crowe102308.jpg   darcy102208.jpg

darkow102008.gif   devericks102308.jpg   donwright102008.gif

duffy102308.jpg   fell102108.jpg   fitzsimmons102208.jpg

greenberg102008.jpg   harville102108.jpg   heller102208.gif

horsey102208.jpg   horsey102308.jpg   kelley102108.gif

luckovich102308.gif   margulies102108.gif   margulies102408.jpg

matson102008.jpg   morin102008.jpg   morin102208.jpg

morin102408.jpg   plante102208.jpg   plante102308.jpg

rogers102208.gif   sack102008.jpg   sack102308.jpg

sherffius102008.jpg   stantis102208.jpg   stein102408.jpg

streeter102208.gif   wahl102208.jpg   wasserman102308.gif

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

Saturday additions:

horsey102508.jpg   branch102508.jpg   rall102508.jpg

bagley102408.jpg   zyglis102608.gif   plante102408.jpg

sherffius102508.jpg   luckovich102408.gif   harville102608.jpg

  8 Responses to “Friday night cartoons 10-24-08”

  1. Despite our political differences, I do think you have a good blog. You obviously work hard at it.

    It would be much better, though, if you would stop drinking so much liberal kool-aid…

  2. I’m a Liberal. I have been since the days of John F. Kennedy. (I was ten years old.) I’m going to keep drinking this “kool-aid” of which you speak. I have to tell you, it certainly goes down better than the lies and deceit of the conservatives.

  3. Until all of the political parties learn to live in Unity, You will never be true Americans. Water cooler trash talk will do nothing for this country. Test results show that most of our children are under educated compared to the rest of the world. I would really hate to see what the results would be if they tested the Adults.

    Anyway, with that said. You have done a great job with the blog here. And I respect your opinion, you have that right just like I do. But lets put the United part back into the United States of America.

  4. Len, I think you are bitter. It shows in your posts as well as your commenting.

    It’s okay to smile every now and then.

    The key for me is, my success is not dependent on who is elected President.

  5. @Dwayne:

    But lets put the United part back into the United States of America.

    Hey, that’s exactly what Barack Obama has been saying all these months! So, I take it we know for whom you will be voting. 😉

  6. @PaulsHealthBlog:

    Len, I think you are bitter

    You know, not so much. I might be kind of angry about the mess the Republicans have made of my country and there may be a little bitterness thrown in… but I think it’s mostly anger. And frustration. Not really all bitter, though… I don’t live in Pennsylvania. 😉

    my success is not dependent on who is elected President

    You know, mine isn’t either. But a lot of people, including you and me, are going to be affected by the outcome of this election. Some more than others.

    Really? You think my posts and comments show that I’m bitter? That surprises me. Nobody has ever mentioned that before.

  7. haha, those are great. I especially like the one where Bush as a monkey on the back one.

  8. love this friday night cartoons, always make me lol 🙂

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