Oct 152008

Did you watch? What did you think? I learned a couple of things. I learned that Sarah Palin has an autistic child. I did not know that. I also learned that John McCain can be a real ass when he wants to be. I don’t think his giggles, eye rolls and sneers helped him tonight at all (though I am sure they probably helped endear him with the right wing base of the Republican party).

Now I fully realize that some of you out there are not going to agree with me, but the fact is that I am paying for this barrel of ink (as Sarah Palin would say) and I’m going to use it.

John McCain was in no way prepared for tonight’s debate. If he did have a plan, he abandoned it at the last minute. His base, for the past few days, has been telling him that he needs to be more aggressive in his attacks on Barack Obama. He tried to please them tonight. It cost him this debate and any chance he might have had at winning the election on November 4. He needed to make America like him tonight. He needed to make America comfortable with the idea of him as their president (and Sarah Palin as their vice president). He failed in both tasks. He needed to be in “this is why I should be your president” mode. Instead, he was in “attack dog” mode. He listened to Sarah Palin and the rabid and angry right wing. He shouldn’t have.


John McCain had a third task tonight. He needed to knock Barack Obama off his game. He needed to make Barack Obama lose his cool. He also failed in that. If anything, it was the other way around. Senator Obama remained cool and collected throughout the evening. The same cannot be said for Senator McCain. (Reference the giggles, eye rolls and sneers I mentioned in the first paragraph. He also stuttered a lot. A lot.)

The really sad part of all this is that nobody on the McCain staff is going to tell Johnny that he is acting like a cantankerous child. They are all going to praise him for this performance and tell him what a wonderful job he did. They’ll tell him that he “won” the debate. And Johnny will just go on acting like a cantankerous child because he will believe it is the right thing to do. (Please note that I did not say “cantankerous old man.” I should get points for that, because I really, really wanted to say cantankerous old man.)

Barack Obama’s task tonight was simply not to lose points. He went into the debate ahead of the game, and he came out in the same position. In fact, he probably gained some points. I said in an entry earlier today that I did not think many minds would be changed tonight. I think I was wrong. I think a lot of minds were probably changed tonight and I think a lot of minds that were undecided before are no longer undecided.

Oh, and this Joe the Plumber guy… I don’t know when you last had to call a plumber to your house, but let me assure you… they do not work cheap.

Update: The following picture puts the perfect cap on the evening. It’s real, by the way. Here’s the link to prove it.


Update #2: Joe the Plumber 1) has no plumbing license; 2) has no definite plan to buy the plumbing business which currently employs him; 3) was a McCain campaign plant; 4) does not make anywhere near a quarter of million dollars per year; and 5) hopes he hasn’t made a fool of himself. (He has, and John McCain in the process.) Oh, and one last thing and then we’re done with Joe… His name isn’t Joe. It’s Samuel (according to The Toledo Blade). Somehow, though, “Samuel the Plumber” just doesn’t quite resonate, does it?

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  1. I kept hearing a snorting off camera as well when Obama spoke.. If that was McCain it was both annoying and rude. I would agree that he came across as a bully while Obama did his best to focus on the issues. McCain talked about how hurt he was.. indignant at being called a lynch organizer, but if you watch some of the Youtube footage, it looks downright scary. And lord, both Palin and McCain really must think the American people are easily fooled.. that Maverick drum beat she used in her debate and this time that silly “Joe the Plumber” idea that he would NOT let go.. and just when I thought I had seen the last of Joe, out he pops one more time. Who is advising that poor old man? He looks sillier than his running mate.

  2. I will note one thing. The “joe” plumber guy was asking if Obama’s plan would make his dream of owning a plumbing business which earns more than $250,000 impossible. Well, no it wouldn’t – but Renfield..I mean McCain seized on it like a rabid Pekingese…never mind that 95% or small businesses make less than $250,000 a year.

  3. The full uncut conversation between Obama and Joe the Plumber is at my site:


    Obama performed better than McCain, but I tried to think of this debate from the perspective of someone who didn’t know any of the facts, and from that perspective, if McCain’s body language didn’t put you off, then McCain might have gained a few points. According to CNN’s undecided live reaction, those polled were more impressed with Obama at the start of the debate than at the end, and they were turned off by Obama’s fruitless attempt to respond to McCain’s accusations. Obama would’ve been better off to ignore McCain’s inaccurate assaults by focusing instead of on presenting his own policies.

    Ultimately, though, McCain is too far behind for this to have won him the election. The debate isn’t going to matter as far as who wins the election, just in terms of who wins Georgia–which the last I checked was only leaning towards McCain and needed some McCainiac reinforcement to secure it. Tonight, McCain may not have won the election, but he just might have won Georgia.

  4. I loathe Sarah Palin more than any other person on this planet. I just don’t have enough words to tell you how much I despise her and everything that she stands for.

    After tonight, John McCain holds a close second place. He, like her, represents everything that is wrong with this country right now: The sneering, snidely expressions, the mean-spirited attitude and demeanor, the dogged determination to smear Obama with innuendos and half-truths.

    During the debate, I kept asking my kids: “Do you smell something?” They did. It was the smell of desperation. They get it, thank God. As do so many other people in their age range (almost 17 & 21). They’re smart, savvy, and determined not to live in a world led by people like McCain and Palin.

    I kept telling them that McCain reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t think who. Finally, the hubby figured it out: Arte Johnson. He reminded me of Arte Johnson playing the old pervert on the park bench on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Anyone old enough to remember that show will know exactly what I mean. When he laughed, I got cold shivers. He and that woman he picked to run with him scare the CRAP out of me.

    Near the end of the debate, we all heard a loud noise. Like a crash, followed by the sound of whooshing water. Took us a moment to figure it out, but then we realized what it was: McCain’s campaign hitting the iceberg and starting to take on water. Yup, by the time it was over, he was listing to one side and by November 4th, his ill-conceived candidacy will sink completely. Thankfully for all of us, Palin will skulk back to Alaska and resume her position under a snowbank. Where she belongs. Never to be heard from again. Except in future editions of Trivial Pursuit where she will be referred to as the political candidate who once staked her foreign policy platform on the fact that she claimed to be able to see Russia from her house (yes, even that claim has been debunked).

  5. I like the after debate analysis better than the debate itself. So I like to read about what was said. Also, I just LOVE your tag line… Insanity is electing the same people over and over again and expecting different results. That totally cracked me up! I say that all the time about general insanity, I haven’t seen it applied to politics. Too true!

  6. haha, yeah, McCain sucks a lot. I support Chuck Baldwin, constitution party. Hey, just out of curiosity, do you know why Obama won’t produce his birth certificate? Also do you know why Obama has so many warmongers as his top foreign policy advisors, like Madeleine “50,000 dead Iraqi kids is acceptable” Albright?
    just curious!

  7. @toastyaroma : You’re kidding right?

    Okay, maybe you’re not. Click here: Obama’s birth certificate.

    As for Madeleine Albright, I don’t know… you’d probably have to ask Senator Obama. Perhaps because she’s a very smart lady and very experienced and knowledgeable in the area of foreign policy? I somehow highly doubt that she had anything to do with the deaths of 50,000 Iraqi children.

    That video you have posted on your blog is hilarious, by the way. Thanks for the laughs.

  8. I’m fairly certain Sarah Palin only has an Autistic Neice/Nephew. Her Sister has an Autistic child, she does not. At least that’s as far as I know.

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