Sep 282008

A lot of right wing bloggers (and Jake Tapper, who might as well be a right wing blogger) are walking around with egg on their faces tonight. And you know it’s kind of funny… I’ve been waiting and watching for any of them (any of them) to apologize and admit they were wrong, but not a single one has. At least not that I have been able to find.

Soldier’s mom defends Obama’s mention of bracelet

MILWAUKEE – After Tracy Jopek gave Sen. Barack Obama a bracelet in honor of her son who was killed in Iraq, she asked Obama not to mention the bracelet on the campaign trail.

But Jopek told The Associated Press on Sunday that she’s satisfied with how Obama discussed it during last week’s presidential debate.

Jopek gave Obama the bracelet at a Green Bay rally in February. It has the name of her son, Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, and the date the 20-year-old was killed by a roadside bomb, Aug. 2, 2006. “All gave some — He gave all,” it says.

A few days after offering it to the Illinois Democrat, Jopek, of Merrill in north-central Wisconsin, had a change of heart. She realized it could be interpreted as a protest against the war, a statement that made her uncomfortable because other military families who suffered losses still supported the conflict.

“I am a mother, a mother who lost her son. It’s hard to know what’s right, what’s wrong about this war. Very hard,” she said. “And I know there are a lot of families who lost loved ones.”

So she e-mailed the Obama campaign through its Web site asking that he not mention it during debates or speeches.

She never got a reply but said she didn’t hear of him mentioning it after that — until Friday, when Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain appeared in their first debate. In response to a question about Iraq, McCain said a New Hampshire woman asked him to wear a bracelet honoring her fallen son, and asked him to make sure the Iraq mission succeeded so his death would not be in vain.

Obama responded that he too wears a bracelet, one for Sgt. Jopek, but for a different reason — to make sure all American wars are fought for good reason.

“No U.S. soldier ever dies in vain because they’re carrying out the missions of their commander in chief. And we honor all the service that they’ve provided. Our troops have performed brilliantly,” Obama said. “The question for the next president is, are we making good judgments about how to keep America safe, precisely because sending our military into battle is such an enormous step.”

It was an answer that Tracy Jopek said made her proud.

“His response in the debate was exactly that, a response, after John McCain put it out there first,” she said. “I think it was an appropriate response — he was just saying there’s another side to the story, there’s two different viewpoints.”

Will any apologies or retractions be forthcoming? I kind of doubt it. Like pit bulls wearing lipstick, once those people bite into something they are very reluctant to let it go. I’ll keep watching and waiting and let you know if I see any. (Conversely, if you see any feel free to let us know in the comments.)

Sep 282008

Saturday Night Light had Tina Fey again portraying Sarah Palin last night (something she says does not enjoy doing and does not ever want to do after November 5). This time she was being interviewed by a very pregnant Amy Poehler, who was standing in for Katie Couric…

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I do not believe this one, though still funny and “spot on,” was quite as good as the first a few weeks ago. “I can see Russia from my house.” (That line is now forever etched into the pages of history.) Besides, Mrs. Palin simply does not have the star power she had a few weeks ago. Her fifteen minutes of fame are quickly fading away.

P.S. If you are looking for something to read while you’re waiting for the Cowboys/Redskins game to start, I’d suggest Frank Rich’s column today: “McCain’s Suspension Bridge to Nowhere.”

P.P.S. CNN reports that Sarah Palin has already been “hunkered down” in a Philadelphia hotel for four days being taught her answers for this coming Thursday’s debate with Joe Biden. Now she is on her to way to one of Johnny McCain’s numerous hideaways in Arizona for another two and a half days of brainwashing preparation.

Poor baby has already earned one slap on the wrist and Johnny McCain threw one of his patented temper tantrums over it…

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Can Thursday get here fast enough? I’m telling you, I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas.