Aug 312008

A message from our next President:

Happy Labor Day, America!

(Hope you got the day off… and not because of Gustav!)

  6 Responses to “Labor Day 2008”

  1. Just out of curiosity… How can he put a $1,000 tax cut into the pockets of 95% of American workers when only 66% of American workers owed income tax last year? I mean seriously, is he a magician or a politician? He’s in 57 States and cutting something from nothing.

    Happy Labor Day back to the First Door On The Left.

  2. @Steve : In answer to your snarky question, Steve… if he can clean up the horrible mess he is fixing to inherit from the Bush/Cheney bunch, he’ll be a magician. In all 57 states.

    Curiosity satisfied? 😉

  3. The question was sincere. The 57 States comment was sarcastic. Funny, and true, but sarcastic.

  4. @Steve :

    The question was sincere.

    As was my reply.

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