Aug 262008

These speak for themselves, I think…



  7 Responses to “Cartoons of the day”

  1. The fact that people can lower themselves to vote for McCain when they call themselves Democrats just because the person they support was not chosen as Democratic candidate is insulting to the entire liberal population. And adding in the fact that most are women is insulting to me as a liberal woman. They must not feel very strongly about the issues if they are so easily willing to vote for someone who represents so much that is wrong with this world.

  2. Oh..I don’t know, Len – that P.U.M.A. group has a lot of backers!!! Great cartoons btw! always find the good ones.

  3. Nice post…
    I like it


  4. That PUMA group is ridiculously over-hyped. I don’t doubt that there are plenty of Clinton backers who are disappointed–some who will sit out and others who will vote McCain–but PUMA is a scam founded by a McCain (not Clinton) backer.

    The second cartoon seems very apt then (maybe a media guy should be in costume too). You could literally see the disappointment on the face of a number of idiot talking heads when Clinton delivered a great speech last night. The fireworks and bitterness they were hoping for was more in their heads than in reality.

  5. Come on now, Hillary’s speech was amazing last night. If she had campaigned the way she spoke last night she’d be the nominee.

  6. The first drawing is so inaccurate. Everyone knows they screened out all of the Clinton supporters. No, seriously they did. Anyone they though would make a scene was not allowed to come.

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