Aug 222008

I thought that since I’m just passing time today waiting for my e-mail from the Obama campaign to arrive telling me who the next Vice President of the United States is (and for Johnny McCain’s staff to finish counting how many homes he owns), I would go ahead and post this week’s Friday Night Cartoons. There are many imitators, but only one original! Remember, you gotta click on them to make them bigger or to start a slide show. Enjoy!

babin081708.jpg   bagley081808.jpg   bagley082008.jpg

beattie082108.jpg   beeler082008.jpg   benson082208.jpg

billday081908.jpg   bish082108.jpg   corky082108.jpg

darkow082108.gif   fell0802108.jpg   fitzsimmons081908.jpg

fitzsimmons082108.jpg   harville081908.jpg   harville082108.jpg

heller082008.gif   horsey082008.gif   jones082208.jpg

judge082008.jpg   lowe082208.jpg   luckovich081808.gif

luckovich082108.gif   margulies082208.jpg   milbrath081808.jpg

morin082008.jpg   oconnor082108.jpg   plante081808.jpg

sack081808.jpg   sack081908.jpg   sherffius082108.jpg

stein081908.jpg   stein082008.jpg   toles082108.gif

tornoe081908.jpg   tornoe082108.jpg   varvel081708.jpg

As always, our thanks go to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

The Saturday additions:

englehart082308.jpg   smith082308.jpg   streeter082308.jpg

zyglis082308.jpg   bennett082308.jpg   branch082308.jpg

wise082308.jpg   morin082208.jpg   lowe082308.jpg