Jan 302008

At least John McCain wouldn’t be the oldest candidate running. Nader will turn 74 on February 27th of this year. (McCain will be 72 on August 29th.)

Ralph Nader Flirts with Presidential Bid

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he’s convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall.

Nader, who ran as an independent candidate in each of the past three presidential elections, told ABCNews.com that he will run in 2008 if he is convinced over the next month that he would be able to raise $10 million over the course of the campaign — and attract enough lawyers willing to work free of charge to get his name on state ballots.

Nader said he established an exploratory committee with the Federal Election Commission and launched a Web site after Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Ohio congressman, announced his decision to withdraw from the presidential race last week.

He was set to announce that he had formed an exploratory committee Wednesday, even before former Sen. John Edwards made it known that he’d be ending his candidacy. But with Edwards — who has made economic populism and ending poverty cornerstones of his campaign — leaving the Democratic field, Nader said, he feels his candidacy is more urgent than ever.

I have no doubt that the old lunatic could raise $10 million. There are enough rich Republicans out there that would give him at least that much if they thought it would keep the Democrats from winning the White House this year. (It won’t.) Getting lawyers to work for free, though, is another question entirely.

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