Jan 292008

Where is Lloyd Bentsen when you need him?

“Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

“You’re the one that was making the comparison, Senator.”

It is becoming more and more difficult for me to select a Democratic candidate to endorse. Both Clinton and Obama have said and done things with which I disagree. I can tell you this with 100% certainty, however — any of the Democratic candidates would be better for the future of America than any of the Republican candidates. Whoever becomes the Democratic nominee will have my full support.

  One Response to “BHO is not JFK”

  1. Following are the reasons I will not vote for either of the Democratic Presidential nominees. Yes, our economy is hurting. Yes, we need increased national security. However, our country is weakening because we’re pulling away from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Matthew 6:33 says “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” If we live as God asks us, He will prosper our economy, and be our national security.

    Obama and Clinton both support same sex marriage.

    Paul summed homosexuality up in Romans 1:22-32.

    Obama and Clinton both support Roe vs. Wade.

    Jeremiah 1:5 gives some insight on whether a being in the womb is just a “fetus” or an unborn child.

    Unfortunately, this email will be removed because it is in essence a “personal attack,” but not before many read it.

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